HGTV host lead viewers on tours through spectacular remodels featuring hip designer colors, the latest

technology, and the coolest upgrades. The visual representation convinces viewers to believe that

nothing sells homes faster than smart remodels. The purveyors of visual stimulation, although correct,

missed something.

These hosts cannot be blamed for the oversight, because we do not own smellivisions.

Yes well executed remodels net bigger bucks for the sellers. However, in my book, How the Pros Sell

Their Homes in 29 Days or Less, I stress offensive smells present the largest deterrent to home sells. A

fellow real estate investor shared this piece of wisdom, “If the home stanks, people say no thanks.”

Imagine a potential buyer, standing at your front door, determining if they will enter. According to Ed

Kampf, owner of Hygienitech Solutions, “Buyers prejudge everything based on sight and smell, the

“smell” sense will determine fight or flight. The buyer’s nose will play judge and jury to determine if they

are in for a rough ride.”

Buyers list cigarette smoke, pet urine, and regional cooking as the big three smell offenders. In my

career I witnessed dozens of buyers refuse to enter a reeking home. Now, you may think your home

does not smell, as your senses are dulled to repeat scents. Still, a reputable Realtor® should offer an

honest smell-pinion.

Wait, there’s more. The odors represent the symptom not the problem. According to Mr. Kampf,

“Odors are the result of a process called off-gassing. The off-gassing process starts with malodorous

(foul smelling) molecules released by any number of sources. While you may try to use deodorizers, air

fresheners or ozone treatments, these products only mask the odors and do nothing to permanently

eliminate them. Odor molecules have a secret, migrant life about which most people are unaware. Once

let loose from the original odor source, these malodorous molecules literally take over the place.”

According to Mr. Kampf retail products only briefly mask the problem. He recommends you find a

company that “Destroys the malodorous molecules on a nanoscale. So, the entire odor cycle is

eliminated permanently.”

Offensive smells often indicate an unsafe living environment, so use an expert, like Hygienitech

Solutions to insure you reside in a non-toxic environment.

So remember, offensive smells repel, pleasant scents $ell.


By: Timothy Sojka